Women in WW1

Women in WW1

As part of their WW1 context work, P7 focused specifically on women and how their role altered during the course of WW1. We have created an information video to share all of our learning.

Feedback from Education Scotland 

Wow!  Thank you so much for sending on the link.  Please tell your class how informative and interesting I found their video.  It clearly took a lot of work to provide such appropriate statistics and graphics to illustrate their points so well.  It was also lovely to hear the confidence with which they were able to speak about their subject.  Many thanks to you, their teacher for all the support you have provided to enable your class to produce such a high quality film.  It is the very first one we have received, and has set the bar high for all the others!  Well done.

Very best wishes,


Lynne Robertson

Senior Education Officer (Social Studies)

Education Scotland

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