What is happening in P2/3?

What are P2/3  learning?

In P2/3 we have learned about Firefighters and the Police so far. When we were learning about firefighters we learned that they can take out floods and clear up chemical spills. When a fire the alarm goes off,  they quickly get their jacket and boots on and hop into the fire engine. The police catch robbers when they have done something bad and put them in jail. Also, the police can save people if the person is in danger.

In numeracy we are learning to divide by 10’s and 2’s. We are also doing fractions and times tables. The times tables we are doing are 5’s and 2’s.

In writing/literacy we are learning to use punctuation, connectives, nouns, adjectives and grammar. Every Wednesday we write a book review on any book  that the teacher reads to us.

In reading we are reading groups and one of the groups is reading The Lost Key, Red Planet and The Broken Roof. We also call these groups our co-operative learning groups.

In Mandarin we are learning about the Chinese Zodiac. There are 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac and the mouse won the race. Every year there is an animal that represents the Chinese Zodiac and this year is the dog.

At the moment we are practising for sports day so we call it sports day practice.

Our spelling sound this week is ‘u’ like put. Also, we are learning ‘y’ as in crystal and ‘igh’ as in high and knight.

By Jaiden and Esther


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