What is happening in P 1?

What is happening in Primary 1?

In primary 1, for our maths we have been learning about numbers and halving and doubling.

In reading, we have been recently reading Kipper books.

Our topic is Minibeasts! We are learning how caterpillars turn into butterflies, how insects have 6 legs and spiders have 8 legs, and that we need to be gentle and quiet. We went on a trip to Duthie Park and saw a giant frog!

Our sounds are ee, oo and ng. We are also learning the alphabet.

We have been learning about being kind and rights, like the right to be safe and a recipe of rights.

In P.E we have been practising our running races for sports day.

In mandarin we are learning how to say “hello my name is..”  and numbers.


Jack and Jenell


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