What is happening in P4/5?

What is happening in P4/5?

At the start of this term, P4/5 have been learning about Jacobites. They were the Scottish Army, which started at the 1600s. We have been learning a lot of facts about Jacobites, including facts about the Stuart families.

We have been learning about the family tree of the Stuarts (from Scotland) and the Hanovers (from England), and about how the two families argued with each other over who was meant to be King of Scotland. We learnt about this by watching videos, researching, and reading articles. We then used these facts to make some powerpoints. In our powerpoints, we wrote about the battles, weapons, commanders, and clothing for the Redcoats and Jacobites. Also, we wrote about how they lived and their homes.


In numeracy, P4/5 are learning about fraction, decimal and percentages. We do this by watching videos, taught lessons from Miss Cook and textbook work. We are learning about equivalent fractions, and whole fractions. Also, we have been learning about tenths, hundredths, thousandths, and where they go. Another thing we have learnt about how to is change fractions into decimals and then into percentages!


In science we have been learning about all the different types of energy. P4/5 have learnt that there is a group of energy, that is called renewable energy, such as hydro energy, wind energy, and geothermal energy. There are energies that are non-renewable energy, such as gas, fossil fuels, and oil. The P4/5 class have learnt about how to make oil, and what materials you need to make it. We know that energy has the ability to make things work.


There are different types of energy, such as Kinetic energy, potential energy, solar energy, heat energy, sound energy, and nuclear energy. Kinetic energy is made because of an object’s motion. Potential energy is due to the object’s position. Solar energy is made by the sun’s power, heat energy is also made from the sun, and earth’s heat. Sound energy is made by the vibration of an object, and nuclear energy is made by splitting the atoms of Uranium.  


In our spelling learning , we are practising how to use silent letters. For example, ‘knowledge’ has a silent letter. But ‘now’ doesn’t have one. Children in P4/5 learn this by doing spelling tests, and watching animated bbc videos.  Also, p4/5 learnt about double letters and how to use them. Once again, they learn by doing spelling tests given by Miss Cook.


In mandarin, P4/5 are learning about how to put chinese sentences together, such as ‘What do you want’-你想要什么 Nǐ xiǎng yào shénme. They are also learning about chinese food and drink, such as rice-白饭 Báifàn, and alcohol-酒-jiu.


In writing this term, P4/5 have been learning about apostrophes and conjunctions (connectives). P4/5  learnt about belonging apostrophes, and multiple apostrophes. We have been learning about how you do not need an apostrophe when there is multiple things, and about how you need an apostrophe when there is a belonging word.


By Emma Duncan and Aaron Lowe.

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