What is happening in P1/2?

 What is happening in P1/2?

In maths, Primary 1/2 are practising our 2 x tables. We are also doing our click tests, in our click tests we have sums like ? + 20 = 27 and take away sums, we have also learnt how to count up to 100!

The P1/2 topic was the seaside and we were learning about different sea creatures like sea horses, crabs and an octopus! An octopus has 8 legs and its tentacles squirt out ink! We also found out that sharks have sharp teeth and that there are lighthouses near the sea.

P1/2 love writing about our weekend and what we did in the holidays. We are also learning to use full stops, capital letters and spaces. Miss McLoughlin reminds us to make sure we write our letters the right size and write letters on the lines.

In reading, we read the Biff and Chip books. Chip and Biff went on holiday to Aberdeen!

P1/2’s sound is “SS” the words that include “SS” are miss, kiss, hiss and dress.


Told by Sophie and Bethany.  

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