What is going on in the AM and PM Nursery?

Right now, the AM Nursery’s main focus is farming and farm life.

In the corner of the nursery we have a mini farm with straw and pictures of baby animals and a makeshift Pig and Piglet. We have been learning about farms to prepare for their trip to Wyndford Farm. We are also getting prepared for the upcoming sports day by going out to practice quite often. We are also getting ready for our transition into primary one. We have been going up to the primary one area to see what it is like there and we have been going out at break-time in the playground to see what it is like to be in the playground.

In the PM Nursery we are also learning about farming and farm life. We also use the farm in the corner of the nursery, it is filled with straw, pictures of baby animals and the makeshift pig and piglet. We are also preparing to go to Wyndford Farm. We also get time practising for sports day. 7 of the PM Nursery children are getting ready to go up to the Primary One area. We get to use a variety of activities including play dough, small world construction, art and craft, drawing and writing, mini farm and shopping in the farm shop.


Written by Jack & Leon (P7) who spoke to AM & PM Nursery pupils.

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