What is happening in P6?

What are primary 6 doing in their subjects?


In maths, P6 are learning about fractions decimals and percentages. We are currently learning about percentages. Mrs Haden has us work in groups, the group names are Archimedes, Pythagoras and Einstein. Every group gets to do three things every week. We get to work with Mrs Haden, work out of a textbook and go on education city but instead of education city Einstein works with a teacher.  

P.E  (Physical Education)  

 In P.E we are doing a few things. We are doing hockey with Mrs Haden which is pretty challenging but fun and interesting too. Then there’s Youth Games with the RGU students and we have done basketball and rugby with them. Lastly there is sports day practice and we are currently working on the relays and it is really fun.         


In context P4/5, P5 and P6 have  been working together for an art project about Responsible Consumption and Production. We get to move classes every week. The people who are in Mrs Haden’s class are being architects, the people in Miss Cook’s class are being writers and the people in Miss Greenwood’s class are being designers. We are building a future city!


In Mandarin we performed in the Confucius Classroom opening. We were the last performance of the whole ceremony! The performance was really fun and a great experience.


In reading we are currently reading the book Wonder. Wonder is a book about a boy who has a face that is a bit different from others. Wonder is a very inspirational book that I’m sure the class are enjoying so far and excited for the rest of the book. We are on a chapter called Apples. So far the book has been a delight to read in our groups (who we share a book with).


In writing we are watching World War 2 related films. So far we have watched Dambusters and Valiant. We have had to watch the movies and then we get a topic and a question to discuss about the film, then we write down an answer based on what we’ve watched or heard from the film.    


By Hayley and Sophie V

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