What is happening in P6/7?

What are P6/7 doing in class?

In P6/7 we are doing film studies, a project on careers in the renewable energy industry, big writing and focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages in numeracy.

We have been doing a film study in class. We get to watch a WW2 films because our topic is WW2. The most recent film we watched was Valiant. It’s about a messenger pigeon called Valiant who wants to be involved in the war as a soldier. After watching the film we wrote a film review discussing details like sound, setting, camera angles, colour, characters and the story. Everyone had to write about all of these details in a Valiant film review then type it up on a Chromebook at the end.

Careers in the renewable energy industry. In groups, we have chosen a career to study and present at Oldmachar. We have to make a model and a board about the career. During our previous Oldmachar trip the project organisers told us that we have four weeks to create a board and a model for the renewable energy project. We got told that everyone had their own jobs for this project to get it done quicker. We didn’t get long to do this but with everyone working hard on their individual jobs every group will hopefully get it done and make it look nice.

In our big writing we have been working on creative/imaginative writing were you get to write about anything and everything but the start is not optional.  On the board there was two options to start of your big writing, there was one about women that had a tiny dragon in her pocket and the other was a man being washed up on an icy cold isolated island. Once the pupils are finished the writing the teacher would need to mark their writing and give them a final level for the end of the year.

In fractions, decimals and percentages we have been looking at decreasing and increasing amounts by percentages. We have learned how to decrease and increase and some groups are even decreasing and increasing by percentages as hard as 57%. Since we have all learned about percentages we have been practising on a calculator to see if we can do it on a calculator too!


By Tom and Adam.

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