What is happening in P4?

What are P4 doing in class?

In P4 we have been doing time work (digital and analogue). We haven’t learned about 24 hour time yet but we are working on 12 hour time. We find this easy but we don’t know how hard 24 hour time will be but we will try and tackle the challenge! We find digital easier because we have the time in front of us and we don’t need to work it out.

In p4 we do our reading in separate reading groups. One of the reading groups are reading Meet the Family. Meet the family is about different families and about their lives.

Our context is learning about the vikings. We wrote down facts that we already knew about them. With Miss Blair we have been learning about mindfulness and SHANNARI.

We use the technology to go on Education City and Read Theory to improve our mathematical and literacy skills.

Every wednesday we have been going to Tullos swimming pool to learn to swim. RGU students have also been teaching us about rugby. With Ms Nicholson we have been doing Scottish Country Dancing.  

In mandarin we have been learning about the Chinese Zodiac. We have been learning about pandas like how old they can be, their weight and their height!

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