We have the Right to Play

Today in Assembly, P4-7 pupils discussed the ‘Right to Play’ and how it was important to ensure everyone is included. The pupils watched a film, based on a true story about a boy with cerebral palsy. After watching the film the children discussed the message of the film.

“The boy in the film can’t walk. People were laughing at him because he was falling over.”

“I think the boy is pulled in and out of the fence to show that he was in and out of hospital.”

“The fence is a border between the boy and the rest of the children.”

“When the children try to help the boy get through the fence, they are pulled out. This shows them seeing what his world is like.”

“This film shows what it is like to not be included and feel left out.”

The pupils felt the film’s message was inclusion and how we must ensure that everyone can join in.

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