Values Committee

Meet the new Values Committee

13.9.19 Minutes of values club meeting- Taken by Erin 


  • First week discussed our values
  • We made mind maps for our ideas to do for each value
  • We are swapping them around  groups to see what other people think of
  • We have thought of different ideas for each group
  • There are 5 values which are positivity, courage,kindness,fairness and respect
  • The ideas include the whole school to do
  • We are taking photos of the mind maps with us behind it
  • Our first idea is called the positivitree witch is a tree that is for writing a positive note on a leaf
  • Our second idea is a trust fall/leap of faith for needing to trust people
  • Our third idea is kindness card chain reaction 
  • Fairness notice board
  • Poster and survey
  • Our first action will be to make a positivitree 

Life and Ethos week 2.  -Notes taken by Cerys

  * Designing a pattern that we can paint on one of the school walls, of a positivitree.   * We sent two teams of three to look around the school to find a place to paint our positivitree. * The choices of the places to paint it are: The Mandarin Garden and the relaxation room. We will now plan how to paint our mural.

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