Tech Team January Update



Action plan:

  • Priorities we chose and why:
  • Charging chromebooks and ipads because people don’t charge the chromebooks and ipads all the time.
  • Headphones working and in correct boxes because people break the headphone wires and don’t put them back in the correct box.
  • Helping pupils with logging in/signing in because people don’t remember and don’t have a log in/sign in.
  • Fix speakers because they don’t work and they are sometimes broken.




  • Don’t use obvious passwords such as: your name or your birth date.
  • You can change your background screen on a chromebook by double clicking and clicking on the option: change background.
  • If you forget your password ask a teacher.




  1. Don’t walk with the chromebooks when they are open.
  2. Don’t take pictures of people unless you have permission from an adult or the person you are taking a picture of.
  3. Don’t mess with people’s accounts.
  4. Don’t look at people putting in their passwords.
  5. Don’t fiddle with technology you don’t know about and how to use.
  6. Don’t delete apps


Stay safe online and if you have any questions just ask!

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