Staff 2019/20

Head Teacher – Mrs Elaine Page

Depute Head Teacher – Mrs Susan Blair

Principal Teacher – Mrs Leanne Duncan

Class Teachers

Nursery – Mrs L Henderson

Primary 1 – Mrs C Eloff

Primary 2 – Miss S Cook

Primary 2/3 – Miss C McInally

Primary 3/4 – Miss E Stevenson

Primary 4/5 – Miss C Bruce

Primary 5 – Miss J Cook

Primary 6 – Mrs L Duncan + Mrs J Sayer (Thursday)

Primary 6/7 – Mrs Sinclair

Primary 7 – Mr M Farquhar

Health and Well-being and PE -Mrs S Flint

Support for Learning – Miss M McLoughlin

Nursery Team

Miss G Bettsworth

Mrs J Fraser

Mrs S McDonald

Mrs K Duncan

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs L Alexander

Miss F Black

Mrs D Bruce

Mrs K Duncan

Mrs K Leslie

Mrs D Massie

Mrs G Taylor

Mrs L Ogg

Mrs M Moore

Office Staff

Mrs S Stephen

Mrs S Lang

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