At Danestone, we are are proud of the variety of approaches we use within our literacy learning and teaching.

In the early stages of primary school, the focus is on letter recognition, phonics development and using our knowledge to word build. We take an active approach in the early years where pupils have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills through a wide range of activities. Some of us are even beginning to write sentences and stories independently!

Each of our class areas have a book corner where pupils are able to explore a variety of texts.

In the middle stages, the literacy focus then moves onto tasks that focus on developing the active literacy skills e.g. comprehension, summarising and inference within reading and writing.

Pupils are introduced to Guided Reading, where they work within a reading group developing their core reading skills through set tasks. They also have the opportunity to develop their spelling, punctuation and grammar through active literacy tasks.

In the upper stages, we incorporate reflective reading within our reading approach. We focus on developing the reflective reading strategies –

  • Metalinguistics
  • Visualisation
  • Inference
  • Main Themes/Ideas
  • Prior Learning
  • Summarising

We do this through creating task maps on a specific novel, with activities that focus on each reading strategy.

Throughout the school we use the Big Writing programme which focus on developing VCOP –

  • Vocabulary
  • Connectives
  • Openers
  • Punctuation

We incorporate this into many different styles of writing; creative, persuasive, personal and report style writing. We love nothing more than to self assess or peer assess our writing, re-draft then create final copies ready to be shared with everyone!

In and throughout all of our literacy learning and the wider curriculum, we develop and build upon our listening and talking skills.

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