Rights Respecting Committee

Meeting on Friday 7th Feb

  1. We went to look at our display board and we liked it
  2. We discussed our Open Day on the 4th March and the possibility of us having a stall to show what our group is working on just now. We also thought we could collect donations of books for African children as they have a right to an education.
  3. We are ready to go into Nursery and P1 to help them to learn about the rights. We got into small groups for go into the nursery. We will work with the P1 and P2 children when they meet in the hall during life and ethos time. We will play games like Hunt the Teddy and Duck Duck Goose and then read them stories to rest for the right to play and rest. We will think of activities for the children to make their name to explain the right to have a name.  Grace, Emma and Ellie are going to perform a puppet show.

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