P4/5 and P5 Engineer Visit

Mr Lawless, a civil engineer visited P4/5 and P5 last week. We learnt that civil and structural engineers design many structures like houses, roads and bridges. We looked at pictures of structures which engineers had designed around the world as well as in and around Aberdeen. We learnt that engineers have to be really good at working with others when problem solving.

As we are learning about natural disasters like earthquakes Mr Lawless was able to explain that some very tall buildings have a metal ball inside which swings the opposite way when the building tilts and helps to prevent the building from falling over. This ball is called a tuned mass damper.

Mr Lawless set us a design challenged which required us to design a building which was 10cm or over and could withstand an earthquake. We had to use mini marshmallows and toothpicks to create our building. Mr Lawless came round each group and shook their table as if an earthquake was occurring. Most of the class’s structures stayed in place!


We really hope Mr Lawless comes back to talk to us again soon.

By Andrew and James P4/5

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