Our new Chinese Garden

This month we have been very busy developing one of our courtyards. As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we had decided to renovate one of the courtyards and turn it into a  Chinese Garden.

A team of 10 pupils from across the school, who were all winners in our ‘Design a Chinese Garden competition’, have been working with staff to create a beautiful, tranquil area.

Work began on Groundforce day with staff, parents and pupils cleaning up and painting the area, ready for our designs.

Our gardening team then sat with all the designs to work out how we could combine the designs and create a unique and practical garden for everyone at Danestone to use.

The team have worked hard and after two weeks work, things are starting to come together . There is still so much they want to do but for the moment they are finished and are looking forward to  enjoying the last few weeks of term outside in their Chinese Garden.

Before the children started their designs, they researched Chinese gardens and discovered that they traditionally included these three major elements;

Water – representing living, constantly changing nature

Stones – indicating stability and strength

Plants – which provide beauty, texture and meaning

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