Literacy Workshops

Earlier this month, Mrs Blair held a reading workshop for parents. This was a very successful afternoon and we had lots of positive comments from parents.

We hope you enjoyed the workshop. Please share what you thought was useful, interesting, worthwhile.

  • Watching the video helped with understanding the process of reading and how to use the Biff, Chip and Kipper books at home.
  • The video example was great to show how the children learn in class.
  • Interesting to understand the challenges a child may face when reading
  • Good to see the structure of a reading group
  • Helpful to know parents role in helping child improve reading skills.
  • I really enjoyed the workshop. I wish the school had done this when my son (now P4) was in P1.
  • It was interesting to see how Danestone have implemented literacy within early years.
  • It was good to be reminded of how much the children have to take in.
  • Strategies used when teaching reading.
  • Learning about 4 areas of literacy

During this workshop, Mrs Blair shared a video of her reading with a group of pupils and we thought this would be useful to share with you all.

We are hoping to arrange more parent drop in sessions soon.

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