Life and Ethos Language’s cafe

This week the Languages life and ethos club  set up and ran a cafe to share our ideas. Mrs Duncan helped our ideas come true. We got help from our Mandarin teachers Mr Fung and Miss Huang. The Hanban teachers came in and did some activities like chopsticks games, Chinese instrument, colouring and a dice game.

Mr Fung helped sell the food,we helped give out the drinks and biscuits all our money will go to our next cafe. When people came to the cafe they had to order their drinks in Mandarin. We have filmed lots of interviews and photos we have a few bloopers. All the classes came and they liked the food and activities.It was all held in the Mandarin class room.We decorated it with paper table clothes which we decorated with Pandas, Chinese and french flags and landmarks.We also decorated posters and put them around the classroom.

We had a lot of fun doing this cafe


Luke  and Kiera P5

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