Life and Ethos Group in Primary 1 + 2

Primary 1 & 2 – Life & Ethos Group

In the previous weeks we have been discussing and learning about the school values.  This week we reminded ourselves of what they are, learned a bit more of our school song and we discussed what makes our school great.  Here are some of the children’s answers:

  • We are kind to one another – Alexander
  • We are good at making friends – Johnny
  • We have great teachers that take care of us – Holly
  • We are active – Joshua
  • We learn new and different things – Maisey

We then discussed what we can do to make our school even better.  The children chose a partner and had a brain storm on what we can do to make Danestone the best school.

Here are some of their ideas:

  • Paint the outside of the walls to make the school colourful – Holly
  • Have different artwork around the school – Chloe & Ava
  • Start doing the Danestone Dash everyday – Cole
  • Have more bins outside to keep the playground tidy and litter free – Brodie
  • Plant flowers and look after our gardens – Miley
  • Have a den building activity down at the Willow Den – Jack & Joshua
  • Doing loose parts play with different classes – Riley


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