Lego Robotics in P6/7

Lego Robotics Problem Solving
By Cameron Pritchard
On the 6th of November we learnt how to program and make Lego robots with John from Computer Xplorers. There were many problems and challenges we faced along the way.
My favourite robot to make was Milo. Milo had two wheels and you could change his speed by coding him. Aaron and I had a fun time improving Milo and making him even faster by
switching out the rubber band for gears. John was really impressed by this idea and our idea of making another robot that could nod its head up and down. He said that was the first time he had seen that! This was definitely the best day of school and I hope we do more activities like this.

Lego Robotics P6/7
By Molly Matheson
Wednesday 6th November P6/7 had the best day in school, we took part in a Lego robotics workshop.
A nice man called John helped us build our Lego and talked us through the whole thing. Once John had his long talk about what to do we got onto we got into building our Lego. We had a computer in front of us which showed us the steps, in the Lego kit that we had there was a motor which made it move there
was a motion sensor which if you put your hand in front of the eyes on the sensor it would stop if you took your hand away it would go again and the tilt shift which would make it tilt.

Earthquake simulator

By Lewis Carroll

On Wednesday the 6th of November in the afternoon we were put into different pairs that were trying to complete a Lego Robotic task that involved Lego and tiny little robots.
We made an earthquake simulator that could test out Lego buildings. This simulated what it would be like if we had an earthquake. We were able to design our own houses to see if it would be able to survive the earthquake. The simulator got faster and the more times the house could stay up and not
break the better. We found that a house with a larger base was more likely to survive. Overall we had a really fun day.

Today the children in P6/7 shared their learning with the rest of the school at Assembly. Have a look at the presentation they shared with the rest of the school- they were very impressed –

Click below to read our amazing assembly PowerPoint

P6 7 Assembly Nov 19

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