Languages Life and Ethos Group

In Life and Ethos we have been making signs for places around the school. We have also been discussing what we are aiming to get done and if our big idea will take place.


We have made a big idea to hopefully take place soon based on what we have done so far. Our goal is to promote languages in school. We hope for our big idea to come into place perfectly.


Now for our big idea! Our big idea is to help other schools and our community learn new languages. We are also planning to have an open afternoon. On that afternoon we are hoping to have a quiz for all ages, Chinese and French food, to share our learning, to have a power point / film, origami, mandarin games and a singalong.

Our vision statement as the languages’ committee “We would love to promote languages across our school ,community and ASG. We think it is important that everyone knows more than 1 language because it will help us in our future.”

Here are some quotes from the children “ In languages I’ve enjoyed doing the big Idea.” Robert P4. I am going to help our open day be successful by making posters.” Emma P6  written by Emma Duncan ,Aaron Lowe and Yasmine Rushton

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