Creativity Group

Week one-

In our creativity life and ethos session we got into small groups and brainstormed ideas about how we think creativity could be improved at Danestone. The main ideas that we came up with were more outdoor games, creativity competitions, decorating the outdoor stage, creating castle logos and a school mascot.

Week 2- Creativity Group Minutes – 27/09/19

  • Brainstorming ideas for castle logos in 4 groups
  • We started to sketch our ideas into paper to see what would look best
  • We discussed as a group our ideas these included shields, mythical creatures, outlines of the castles each one was named after and many more.
  • We decided it might be a good idea that each group made a set of 6 badges and we could let the school vote on what they wanted.
  • We took a creativity group picture.

Copy of Creativity Planning – Term 1



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