Christmas 2019 Primary 6/7

Molly: I love Christmas, all the lights… the food…the tree.. Hey why do we have a tree inside? Isn’t it weird?

Aaron: yeah, it  is quite strange.

Lewis: well, I think it’s a tradition that comes from Germany.

Molly: really?

Aaron: Ja! You’re right!

Lewis: yeah, the tradition of having a Christmas tree in the house came from Germany, it was Prince Albert who brought the idea over  here in the 1800’s!

Aaron: Let me tell you more about Christmas before the weihnachtsmann arrives ( that’s Santa by the way!) Prince Albert is said to have enjoyed sharing his German tradition with his wife Queen Victoria. It was said that he decorated the tree for her and that’s where our tradition here in the UK started from.

Molly: Yes ‘The tannenbaum’ can bring happiness and joy to our families.

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