Christmas 2019 P4/5

P4/5 Spain

P4 / 5 have been learning about how people in Spain celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas in Spanish is “Feliz Navidad.”

 In Spain, people go to mass at church on Christmas Eve. The mass is called the mass of the rooster because a rooster crowed when Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

People eat turkey on Christmas Eve but they eat seafood on Christmas Day. The three wise men bring presents, and not Santa. In Spain, they believe the three wise men brought gifts to the baby Jesus.

December 28th is “Day of the Innocents” which is the Spanish version of April Fool’s Day. People play tricks on each other.

People decorate their houses with big nativity scenes with a model village. These show the picture of where Jesus was born.

Children open their presents on the 6th of January and not on Christmas Day. There is a big parade on the 6th of January. Everyone gets dressed up and people throw sweets everywhere.


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