Christmas 2019 P3/4

Our chosen country is Australia. We have been learning all about how Christmas Day is celebrated in Australia.

The temperature in Australia on Christmas Day can range between 30-40°C with the hottest temperature recorded on Christmas Day in South Australia at 40.7°C.

Some people go camping over Christmas!

Bondi Beach is famous for families having their Christmas lunch on the beach.

A typical Christmas menu could include seafood, glazed ham, cold chicken, duck or turkey, cold deli meats, pasta, salads, desserts of all types, fruit salad, ice-cream plus Christmas treats such as mince pies. Some Australian families follow tradition of a roast dinner and Christmas pudding even in the warm summer weather.

When Santa gets to Australia he changes into a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. He then gives his reindeers a rest, calling on the help of his kangaroo friends or as they are known as the ‘Six White Boomers’ (a popular Australian Christmas carol).

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