Last Friday the whole school had a lovely treat, when M&M productions came to perform Oliver Twist in the hall. In preparation for the show, Primary 4 read a shorter version of the novel in class the previous day. We found that a few things were different between the show and the book we read and had a discussion about this in class afterwards.  This week we worked in our cooperative groups to research the author that wrote Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens. We had to find facts about his life, his family, other novels he wrote and what his inspiration was for writing Oliver Twist. Here are some of the things we found out…

Charles Dickens died on the 9th of June 1870 ~ Kirsty

Charles Dickens was 58 when he died ~ Harry

Charles published Oliver in 1838 ~ Blair

Charles was born 7 February 1812 ~ Andrew

Oliver Twist was his second novel ~ Lili

He wrote other famous story like ‘A tale of two cities’ and ‘Bleak House’ ~ Mary Isabella

As a child, Charles was forced to work in a factory ~ James

He always sleeps facing the North ~ Erin S

He did not have a happy childhood ~ Lucy

He passed away from having a stroke ~ Melissa

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