What is happening in P3?

What is P3 doing in class?

Math ~ ‘ We have been dividing by two, five and ten. We have been doing this in our textbooks and worksheets. We have also been doing fractions. We have been doing quarters, halves and fifths. A tangram is a picture made out of different shapes. The shapes are made out of boxes.’

Literacy ~ ‘We do reading and spelling. We do reading in different groups because we are all different levels and we do worksheets about what happened in our story. There are parts of the story that will be mixed up and we need to put it in the right order. The book that the whole class is reading is called ‘The World’s Worst Children’.’

Context ~ Our topic is emergency services. Sometimes we do role plays and mimes to show what’s happening. We act like we are police and doctors. For the mountain rescue we watched a few clips and videos. If someone hurts their leg up a mountain, mountain rescue go and help them.  

Technology ~ We use Ipads and chromebooks and we go on play mat dancing, education city and topmarks. We do some google slides too. We also use the laptops as well. We sometimes use google docs.

Mandarin ~ We are  learning how to ask for permission and we have also learned the zodiac animals. We also know how to say some sentences and we know how to say where we live. We also like to do colours and learning songs. We learn actions to the songs we learn.

Health and Wellbeing ~ We are learning about SHANARRI with Miss Blair. It has helped us learn some of our rights and respect. I think the most important word in SHANARRI is included because I like everyone to be included.

Physical Education ~ We do throwing and catching and we play games with Mrs.Fogiel. We play games in teams and we also play partner games. We are focusing on tennis in PE and we do the game rounders. For a warm up we run round the hall or the field. When it’s a nice day outside we do sports day practice with the P7 class.

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